Ex Equipment operation in gas and vapor atmospheres


The training focuses on practical aspects for the operation of Ex equipment. Based on the experience of the largest Polish companies and proven service practices. The training participant has the opportunity to learn about the principles of selection, installation, operation and control of equipment in hazardous areas. The implementation of this training allows to meet the recommendations of the PN-EN 60079-17, regarding requirements for the competence of personnel in hazardous areas.

IECEx description

The training provides the knowledge necessary to obtain the IECEx Unit Ex 004 competence certificate -  Maintain equipment in explosive atmospheres according IECEx Document OD 504


Technical staff in workplaces where there are explosive atmospheres, people working in hazardous areas, the person responsible for the installation and operation of equipment in hazardous areas.


  • Rules to prevent explosions within gas and vapor atmospheres. Analysis of safety. Hazardous area classification. Ignition sources.
  • The elements of explosion proof equipment.
  • Examples and descriptions of the explosion proof electrical equipment.
  • Marking of explosion-protected equipment
  • Ex protected motors/engines.
  • Protection systems for Ex motors powered by frequency converters
  • Grounding in hazardous areas
  • Lightning protection in hazardous areas
  • Maintenance - the scope of the inspection and maintenance of Ex-equipment
  • Carrying out repairs and investments
  • Safety when carrying out the work in hazardous areas


Marcin Chorosz


ASE Safety Academy Training Center, Narwicka 6 Street, Gdansk, Poland


7 godzin


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Ex Equipment operation in gas and vapor atmospheres

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